Elder Perrin Tosscobble

Alliance Head representing the Halflands


Halfling, 147, brown eyes, grey hair, pale, wrinkly skin, very short and hunched over. Wears a blue military coat and black pants, both of which look very dusty and faded.


Elder Perrin Tosscobble is the head of Alliance representing the Halflands.

He is a very cheerful old man prone to wandering and severe stubbornness. It is rare for him to say an ill word about anything.

Tosscobble is not a fighter nor a war strategist, but he has an uncanny ability to make others rally around him, being able to unite and organise the far-spread Halfling race, all of which look up to and respect his wisdom. He is kind and caring, quick to endanger his frail self if others need him.

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Elder Perrin Tosscobble

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