Kano Valindra Meliamne

Alliance Head representing Elva Dorei


Elf, 327, Gold eyes with no pupil, long, gold hair, pale skin, very tall and slender. Wears a green military coat and black pants, both of which are vibrant and elegantly detailed.


Kano Valindra Meliamne is the Elf head of Alliance representing Elva Dorei.

Kano Meliamne is arrogant, quick to anger, and difficult to deal with. She is excellent in battle, however, with skills unmatched by most of Alliance. Her soldiers are dedicated to her, and are confident in battle when she joins them.

Kano Meliamne is slow to develop respect for those she considers undeserving of it, but once respect is gained Meliamne is fiercely loyal.

ACDC Politics

Kano Meliamne is part of the ACDC Politics sheet.

Kano Valindra Meliamne

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